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Cartoon Network Description
"Whiplash is a large reptilian creature with a massive tail that can destroy
nearly anything. His tail can take down an Eternian tree with one strike. Whiplash
also has a keen sense of smell. often found feuding with comrades, Whiplash would rather
show Skeletor that he can get He-Man on his own than have to be "slowed down" by the other minions."

Jerico's Thoughts...

A long awaited figure has made it's way to the toy stores. Whiplash
jumps on the scene with a great mold and a heavy construction. He is
very solid and feels heavy in your hand. His action feature is unlike
any other figure's. He only has one weapon but it also is stands alone.
His weapon is a bit soft so it bends easy and you have to be gentle when
putting it in his hand.
A 10 on the Jerico Scale.
A classic back in form...

Easy to stand, he has big feet like beast Man.

No button on the back to get in the way of play.

The face

Some detail...
The button on the side activates the action feature. The action feature is his
tail, it moves from the middle to his left side to knock down anyone standing near.

More detail...

The tail pops off real easy and if the action feature is used a few times in a
row the tail will fly off.

His only hand held weapon. It seems as if the whole in the blade now looks like it belongs.
In other picks other prototype pics it looked as if a lazer blast caused the hole.