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Two Bad

Jerico's Thoughts...

What I like about this figure is his arms remian spring loaded. But this time around he can not
punch him self in the face. Also he has more then a sheild for a weapon. The way the purple half
slopes down is a nice tounch, really plays up on how they were two seperate monsters at one time. And
for some reason the sandle the purple half wears makes me laugh when I look at it. A plus is his armor
is able to be removed, something we are seeing less of in the new line. The figure stands with no problem.
A GREAT revamp, no buttons to push, nothing sticking out of the figures back, perfect.

A 8 on the Jerico Scale.
A classic back in form...

Easy to stand

The back side

The faces of Two Bad

Some Detail

The feet

The spear weapon, it opens and closes.

The clip on shield

The Back