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Cartoon Network Description
"A mysterious evil warrior with amazing strength,Tri-Klops has
3 eyes instead of 2.These 3 optical sensors project Gammavision:
blasts of green, fiery energy and freeze rays. A skilled
inventor and machinist, Tri-Klops has a talent for building
remarkable devices that Skeletor uses in his war against He-Man.
One of his most devious creations, the Doomseekers, are small
hovering chrome robots, that can spy on foes, trap victims in
stun beams, project holograms and cause damage with their small
metallic teeth. If that weren't enough, Tri-Klops also carries a
sword and can blast foes with various eyes."

Jerico's Thoughts...

One of my personal favorite figures from the new line, Tri-Klops
stands in a unique pose. He action feature is the standard push
button causing his right arm to lower and raise. Easy to stand
and pose. Comes with a sword and a Doomseeker atop a stand. He
also boasts a clear window atop his head to allow light to shine
in giving off the effect of a glowing eye.
A 8 on the Jerico scale.

Tri Klops and his DoomSeeker
Tri Klops is one of the figures who have a unique pose.
The right hand is posed as if ready for anything.

Action Feature
is the same as many others. When pushed his left arm attacks.

Here he is with his 3 eyes. Just like the old figure, his visor spins.
A small square on top of his head allows light in the back of the eyes
for a lighted up look.

His Body
What can I say, here he is covered up. Also like Teela's boot, has has
little pockets for nuts and bolts on his armor.

The Sword
Same as before, just longer and more detailed.

Place sword here
Like before and many current figues, the sword can be carried on the
back of the figure.

The DoomSeeker
It does come of the stand but it would if you pulled hard. Also it is
made of a very soft rubber substance. It feels like one of those rubber
bouncing balls.