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Cartoon Network Description
"A thuggish brute, Trap-Jaw was once a human named Kronis, a thief who
terrorized and pillaged the good people of Eternia. Kronis joined
Keledor's forces years ago, helping him build his power base. In an
explosive battle, Kronis was captured and locked away by the then
Captain Randor. When Keldor rampaged through Eternia, he freed Kronis,
but he mutilated his arm and destroyed his face in the process. Keldor
and tri-Klops later rebuilt Kronis into Trap-Jaw. Trap-Jaw can transform
his bionic appendage into a hook, claw and laser cannon, among other
devices. He uses it to devastating efect against He-Man."

Jerico's Thoughts...

Ah yes, Trap Jaw, a long awaited figure when the line first launched.
The detail is just amazing, and the head loop is still there! I never
used it when I was a kid but you may have. The face is scary like lost
puppies and the attachments are just like the classic line’s Trappy.
This figure can be a little harder to stand due to the big ass right arm
but not too bad. The only draw back, the right arm tends to be a bit
fragile. The overall sculp propels this to the top of the list.
A 10 on the Jerico scale.

Front Side
The arm can throw off his stance.

Back Side

We all need a hole in our head.
You can still put string or floss through the top of Trap Jaw's head.
I never did do because it takes too long to set up when I am playing
with my toys. Also, he seems to have had open heart surgery or something,
check out that scar. His Jaw is also spring loaded. Just push it down
and it will spring shut.

The Belt
Here you can hang arm attachments. The belt is not removable. Makes me
think Trap Jaw is a retired pirate.

Elbow Joint?
The back of the package states it should be spring loaded like the
Mekaneck action figure is. It's not, also notice the hand seems to be
like Darth Vader's, FAKE!

The long arm of Snake Mountain
Hook, Laser Gun, Clamp. The Clamp open and closes. The arm is spring
loaded at the elbow and moves like normal at the shoulder.

Peg Hole on back
This peg hole will hold the laser gun attachment since it has no hook
to hang from the belt. Also the clamp attachment can fit on the back
as well.