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Jerico's Thoughts...

Unlike itís counter part, the Terrordactyl isnít so floppy. The
plastic seatbelt broke the first time it was used; I was turned
off from it right then and there. Itís action feature, guns and
suck popping out of everywhere, only works when it wants to. The
catches on the toy that hold the guns hidden could be retooled
to actually work. YUK.
A 5 on the Jerico Scale.
Skeletor Attack Aircraft
Much better than the Battle Hawk, this round to Skeletor!

Front Grill
The Wings move up and down from the middle joint of the wing which is
the engine looking thing in the middle of the wing.

Ass End
Seatbelt broke during this photo shoot!


Up close
The missle fires from a switch on the side of the launcher. Also when
the top of the head is pressed the beak opens and closes.
(packaged with 4 missles)

Once again, these toys would look better with some stickers.

Fire Power
These wing panels close to hide the guns along with the missle behind the
head. When the spiked tail section is pressed, the weapons open.

Time to take over Eternia!
A well done bird for Skeletor. It seems much more sturdy and has a
better play value.