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Cartoon Network Description
"Strong and independent, Teela is trained in martial arts by her
father, Man-at-Arms. Raised alogside Prince Adam, they could be
twins. However, Teela takes her position seriosly and dosen't
tolerate fools. That puts her at odds with the fun-loving prince.
She has no idea that Adam and He-Man are one and the same. Teela
carries both a sword and a Cobra Staff that rests as a small
golden cobra amulet on her belt. Over time, teela discovers that
she possesses empathic powers of clairvoyance. perhaps it is
these powers that create the sense of kinship she feels towards
the Sroceress."

Jerico's Thoughts...

Teela, one of the only female characters of the MOTU line. I
think Snoop said it best…”aint no fun if the homies can’t have
none”! I can say that cause it’s my web site! Anyway, back to
BIDNES, Teela is back with her arrogant self. This time she sports
a big boot and a sword. She is probably the hardest figure to
stand, her staff must be well placed to keep her upright. The
sculpted hair looks great and so does the detail in her outfit.
The shield still clips on and her waist is spring loaded.
A 7 on the Jerico Scale.
Teela, Man-at-Arms adopted daughter.
I am sure it is due to her being thinner then the other figures
but she seems to be made up of soft plastic. But most ladies are
soft anyway!

Ready to whip Adam!
The Snake staff helps her stand.

Baby got Back.

Angel Eyes
you talking to me?

Molded plastic hair
In the cartoon it almost touches the ground.

The uh...chest armor
Remember her chest size was increased?


Utility Boot
I bet she has more in her boot then BatMan does in his belt.