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Cartoon Network Description

Jerico's Thoughts...

I was expecting a lot when I first saw this figure. He looked to have a great gimmick.
I was let down. His waist is a free spinning joint that flops around at will. A tiny wheel
on his waist lets gives you a degree of control. When the wheel is turned his floppy socket
arms raise (think of the letter T) and create a tornado motion. Although I can offer no idea
of improvement I just find it a little lame. Action-feature aside, a great looking figure. The
classic holographic chest sticker is there along with the outdated snap on wrist shield. The
back fold down whatever itís called thing adds to his look, giving him a more stronger appearance.
He can be a bit tough to stand at times but nothing too bad.
A 6 on the Jerico Scale.



The classic chest sticker.

Waist Detail

Leg Detail

The ole clip on sheild.
I think the Horseman could have done a little better;)

The wheel that activates the action-feature. Just spin it and watch his floppy upper
bodt spin around.

This large back disk slides around a big plastic square on the back of Sy-Klone.
It folds down serving no real purpose, however it does make him look like he means