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Cartoon Network Description
"Feathered, winged warrior of the skyways, Stratos is the leader of
the people of Avion, who live high amoung the peaks of the Mystic
Mountains. Avionians have wings that protrude naturally from their
forearms. They don't flap their wings like birds; rather, they glide
like hanggliders, catching the many currents that encircle the peaks
of Avion. Stratos is like an F-16. With the flick of his wrist
switches, he activates a turbo pack allowing him to shoot through the
sky at amazing speeds."

Jerico's Thoughts...

Stratos always had a special place in my heart as a kid, I wonít say
why because those are my precious memories and I donít share. This
figure is easy to stand. His arms have elbow joints but thatís
because his shoulder joints are part of the action feature, flapping
arms. (The above description says Stratos doesnít need to flap his
wings to flyÖ) Despite that, I think this figure is decent, the rocket
boosters on the calves are a nice touch. However he looks like
Abe Lincoln.
A 6 on the Jerico Scale.



The far left missle fires when the far right missle is pressed. The middle missle
activates the action-feature, flapping arms. the arms are jointed at the elbows
and the forearms move up and down. However the shoulders have a fixed joint, when the
middle missle is pushed the arms flap like a bird. (think Coco B-Ware)

His little control sticks are removable from his grip.

the wings are connected at the wrist and are hinged. They open and close against
the arms.

The grill, I swear this is Abe Lincoln with feathers.