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Smash Blade He-Man

Jerico's Thoughts...

I like to think of this He-man as FunkOtron He-Man, he is electric blue,
an Eternian Pimp. Nothing great about this figure, just a repaint with a
new wrist mounted pinwheel, marketing bastards.
A 4 on the Jerico Scale.

About face!
the first thing we notice is the paint scheme. I think it's work real
well. The gold and electric blue play off each other well.

back that ass up
Here we see the same thing as any other basic He-Man, just a
different color.

The Harness

The Waist

The Power Sword
The color it should be, GOLD.
This by far the best redeco of the sword to date.

The Smash Blade
It spins on his wrist, what more to say?

The Sheild
Gold and Electric Blue.