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Samurai Skeletor

Jerico's Thoughts...

So the cartoon episode” The Mystery of Anwat Gar” explained why we have
Samurais on Eternia. An ancient race of people developed great weapons
and armor, and Skeletor wants them. Like Samurai He-Man, the figure is
done well, nothing falls off. His weapons are a little nice then the
other Samurai figures, the Samurai look fits Skeletor with his power
hungry ass.
A 8 on the Jerico Scale.
Samurai Skeletor
You read correctly

Skeletor on his stilts
Of course he stands with ease.

The back of Samurai Skeletor
Skeletor can place his new sword on his back through a loop. The back of
the Samurai helmet gets in the ways of the sword a bit.

No stilts
The face on this Skeletor version is real dark.

Same action feature, right arm comes crashing down.

The helmet
I call this one dirty face Skeletor.

The helemt comes off

The chest missle, it shoots by pressing the bronze button onder the X.

After he blows his...chest missle
A big hole.

The belt

Samurai Sword and Claw gun
The claw part is spring loaded and the red missle fires as well.

The Stilts
Just like Earth shoes, they are right/left specific.