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Samurai He-Man

Jerico's Thoughts...

So the cartoon episode” The Mystery of Anwat Gar” explained why we
have Samurais on Eternia. An ancient race of people developed great
weapons and armor, and Skeletor wants them. So here we have Samurai
He-Man, a figure on stilts, and no power sword. Overall the figure is
done well, the gear stays on him well, the stilts stay on tight and
the removable helmet fits great. The chest missile doesn’t miss fire
like I thought it would, however this crazy gun thing he has blows.
It seems to always point at the ground.
A 7 on the Jerico Scale.
Samurai He-Man

I'm still standing...
better then I ever did!

The back
No place to hold any weapon on the back.

Look Ma!
No Shoes!

His shorts are brown and silver
Same action feature like most of the masters, right arm comes
crashing down.

He-Man likes head gear

The Helmet comes off
Samurai hat hair

Chest Missle
Press the little gold button under the missle.


No cod piece

Power Sword?
Another diff. sword for He-Man to use.

His Gun
Holding it this way the missle shoots down, I guess because
he is so tall on his new stilts.

The Stilts of Power