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Samurai Battle Raptor

Jerico's Thoughts...

Even this Raptor is in on this Samurai craze. Itís legs move up and down
with some crazy hydraulics. I think that really removes a lot of play
value. Itís mouth is packing heat, and once again, Samurai Skeletor does
not fit, the seatbelt will not fasten around Samurai Skeletorís waist.
The claw guards fly off when the action features is used, need rubber bandsÖ
A 5 on the Jerico Scale.

What a Fine Beast!

The Feet
They do not move front to back (walking).

Push Down on the back of the beast and the pistons move up and down.

Mouth missle Pushing the button on the side of the face there makes the missle fire.
The mouth does not open and close.

Claw Slashing Action
Pushing down on the stick behind the neck makes the 2 front arms move up
and down. The wrist mounted claw gards/extensions tend to fly off however.

A seat belt that does not break
This time the belt is made of elastic rubber, not plastic like the
Terrodactyl seatbelt.

Skeletor on his Beast
I was unable to use the seatbelt with this version of Skeletor because of all
the crap he has on. The belt is too short to use. When you try hard to pull
the belt over Skeletor's waist, it hits the fire button that shoots the chest missle.