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Samurai Battle Cat

Jerico's Thoughts...

This Samurai craze seems to transfer well over to Battle Cat. The armor
looks decent enough. I like how the there is an extra missile and sword,
plus a place to carry them. One main drawback is the simple fact…Samurai
He-Man doesn’t really FIT on Samurai Battle Cat…stupid stilts. Instead of
2 guns, BC now has one big one just like a real Samurai kitty would.
A 6 on the Jerico Scale.

Pretty Kitty

A new helmet.

The rear hind, the extra missle and sword are kept here.

More armor

The seat, insert He-Man here.

The Samurai Kitty Cannon, spring-Loaded.

Take off your Stilts of Power if you wanna ride this cat.

To the dojo Battle Cat!