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Ram Man

Cartoon Network Description
"This bullet-headed, armor plated fighter can smash his way through
most objects that get in his way. Although a bit of a klutz, Ram Man
often stumbles unaware over solution, helping He-man solve some of
Eternia's enigmatic mysteries in order to defeat Skeletor and his
evil companions. Ram Man has a heart of gold and gives new definition
to the term loyalty. His chief weapon is his metal-plated head. From
time to time he carries a battle-axe."

Jerico's Thoughts...

With Ram man, you get what you know. This figure is almost an exact
from the classic line. Same pose, features, and action feature,
nothing wrong with that. The figure stands easy, like a tree stump.
Although that leaves little playability but
its Ram Man were talking about here.
A 7 on the Jerico scale.

Here he is.
His arms are like the other figures as far as movement goes. His
wrists do turn, only his right hand can hold his axe.

His back side
Ram Man has no back...

Loaded and no place to go
Just push down on his head to load him up. Nothing new here.

The face
Upclose, his arms are very well defined.

Place to keep the axe when not in use
Just clips on.

The Axe
Just like the first one but with a bit more detail.

Some Details
First a nice touch with dents on his head armor. You can see how his
body is constructed. Also his release switch is on the left heel.