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Prince Adam

Cartoon Network Description
"Handsome and mischievous, Prince Adam is the teen heir of the throne of Eternia. Although
skilled as a warrior, Prince Adam would rather spend his time hanging out then learning
about affairs of state. As a result, his father and mother, King Randor and Queen Marlena,
worry that Adam will never grow up. Adam attacks trouble easily, much to the dismay of Teela,
daughter of Adamís mentor, Man-at-Arms. Adam keeps his relationship with Teela strictly
platonic, so as to not betray his secret ego. For whenever there is danger, prince Adam
uses the Sword of Power to become He-man, defender of Eternia."

Jerico's Thoughts...

I really like the Prince Adam figure for several reasons. Mainly itís size. It is noticeably
smaller then the other figures, after all, we are talking about a 16 year-old wimp. Everything
from the size of the arms to itís height is less then the other figures. It has a spring-loaded
waist, comes with a sword and a club that doubles as a finger flipping missile launcher. The
figure is easy to stand and the weapons do not throw it off balance. Best part of this figure,
the baby sized power sword. An update that ranks at the top.
A 9 on the Jerico Scale.



The vest and shirt.
With work, the vest comes off.

The waist detail, youcan see the belts and buckles.

The boots and more man like colored(grey) tights.

The place Adam keeps his sword.

The scaled down for a young punk Power Sword.

Royal septer/club, the metalic blue piece slides in and out. If the spring-loaded
waist is activated the piece flys out as if it was fired from the club.

The you can see the sizes of the alter egos.

Here you can see the sizes of the swords.