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Cartoon Network Description
"Orko accidentally stepped into a time vortex during the Season of
Storms and was zapped from the world of trolla to Eternia. He is
one of three who know Adam's identity. When he first arrived on
Eternia, Orko saved young Adam's life and became the prince's loyal
companion. Orko uses his otherwordly powers to preform magic and is
the de facto court jester at the Royal Palace. Unfortunately, his
tricks don't always turn out the way he expects them to, much to
the chargrin of Orko and much to the amusement of the court. Orko
levitates wherever he goes."

Jerico's Thoughts...

The Royal Court Gesture, pure trash in the classic line, now he
returns with cool all over him and no hat tricks. A great update,
he comes with an action feature instead of having one. A cloud of
blue bubbles launches an orange globe thingy, making it look like
his magic works. He is a little out of scale compared to the rest
of the line (think cartoon size) but that allows for additional
coolness. Although not much moves on the figure, arms and neck,
he still looks cool. Did I say how cool this guy is?
A 10 on the Jerico Scale.

Little Orko

What's he looking at?
His head moves left to right but still kinda looks at the ground.

From the back
The wand does leave his hand. His arms also move at the shoulder.

His eyes...
The only way to see them is to look under his hat.

Blue magic cloud
Push down on the button on the top and the orange ball shots out
while the side arms open.

Nothing under the robe
I mean nothing! The orange ball is about the same size of a ping
pong ball.

Size Test