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Cartoon Network Description
"If Merman looks as if he crawled out of a fetid swamp, well, he did.
Merman lives in a deep-sea ruin in the primordial Sea of Rakash,
where he awaits Skeletor's orders. Underwater monster's obey Merman's
commands and create havoc in oceans, lakes and ponds. A coward on
land, Merman heads for the nearest body of water to escape when
danger approaches, mch to Skeletor's displeasure. However, once
Merman is in his domain, he is a force to be reckoned with. Merman
carries a mean-looking trident that he uses to keep his underwater
monsters in control."

Jerico's Thoughts...

Mer Man comes back with a classic look. Almost exactly like the
classic line’s Mer Man. He is the first short packed figure of the
line. His colors have changed tone and the skinniness of the figures
adds to his evil look. He is also easy to stand. His action feature
is unique, the button on the back causes his arm to thrust forward,
making a stabbing action, not a slashing action. A nice touch was
the addition of a trident, giving him that Ocean Lord look.
A 8 on the Jerico Scale.

The Fish with the PLAN.

The Back

Rolley Polley Fish Heads

His chest armor just hangs around his neck, no waist belt.
I say leave the rubberband on it.

Corn cob sword is back.


Sword storage