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Cartoon Network Description
"Mekaneck is a long time friend of Randor and Man-at-Arms. In fact,
Man-at-Arms saved Mecaneck's life years ago when Mecaneck's neck was
badly damaged in a storm. With the aid of Duncan's technology,
Mekaneck's neck can now extend stright up or around bends. When in
battle, Mecaneck wields a club."

Jerico's Thoughts...

One of the hardest to find figure on the shelves at one point,
Mecaneck returns. Right off this figure is a pain to make stand.
Often his club has to be used to hold him up. He has no removable
armor. His action feature, unlike any other, is his neck raises up
when his waist is turned. The back of the head is transparent so
you can see what Mec sees. His left arm is spring loaded at the
elbow to create a club smashing effect but alas the club is so heavy
it cheapens the effect.
A 7 on the Jerico Scale.

Take a long look...
This redesign is much like the classic one. This one has no removable
armor and is a bit hard to stand.

The back
This figure has no weapon storage on his back. You can see what look
like gears on his back.

Mug shot
The armor looks like the classic,very RED.

That's a big club
The club is very solid.

An action feature
A spring loaded elbow makes his club slash in front of him. Just pull
the arm back and BAM!

Just twist the waist and the neck grows. The neck has great detail.

Do you see what I see
You are able to look through Mekaneck's head and see what he does.