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Cartoon Network Description
"Man-at-Arms is one of the three people on Eternia who know He-Man's
secret identity. Duncan (his real first name) comes from a long line of
scientists and armament specialists who have served the good forces of
Eternia for generations. Man-at-Arms prefers tinkering in his lab, but
when it comes time to battle, he girds himself in special automiatic
armor that contains an array of gadgets and devices depending on whom or
what he faces. When He-Man needs information about Skeletor's diabolical
technology, Man-at-Arms provides it. He also mentors Prince Adam and
trains Teela in all the arts of defense and offense."

Jerico's Thoughts...

The man behind the face guard, Duncan. He is another great example of an
updated character. We have the classic armor on the arm and leg, the
mace, and a new arm cannon. And this time around, heís sporting the
furry caterpillar moustache! While the leg and arm armor canít be
removed, the chest armor can be. The detail on the armor is a great
touch, itís plain to see the whole body is covered in armor. I really
like how the fur around the arm opening on the armor is there, just like
how it was on the original artwork from the classic line. Standing the
figure with the arm cannon in place can be a bit tough, placing the cannon
on his back makes it easier.
A 8 on the Jerico Scale.



Double A's mug, this time we have the lip broom.

The Classic Mace
The Arm Cannon
The Missle

When the cannon is not inuse,it can fit on Double A's back via peg and tiny hole.

Pressing this button causes the missle to fire.