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Martial Arts He-Man

Jerico's Thoughts...

As if the art of the Samurai was not enough for He-Man to master, he has mastered all the arts
and summed them up in one figure. So this he-man version wears a blue dragon and comes equipped
with several bladed type weapons. The overall look of the figure is nice, the blue grabs the
attention it seeks. This figure reminds me of Jungle Attack He-Man in regards to the funny
stance his legs are in. MA He-Man is hard to stand but not as bad as JA He-Man. The worst part
of this figure is the weapons. The staff that is created is very flimsy.
A 6 on the Jerico Scale.


The Armor is removable.

The Dragon Chest Harness is one of the best looking chest pieces I have seen yet.

The raised belt buckle is a nice touch.

Most of all of the weapons can be held on the back.

We have a mace that is used alone. The axe and blade can be joined together using
the small pipe looking piece. The end piece of the pipe pops off so it can slide
into the opening of the hands of MA He-Man.

The floppy Martial Arts Staff.
The right arm pictured here has a button on the wrist the causes the hand to rotate
180 degrees. When released the hand turns back to it's starting position.

Some foot detail, the classic ninja toe is there.