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Jungle Attack He-Man

Jerico's Thoughts...

Our second He-man variant came to us in the form of Jungle Attack he-Man,
another headband wearing He-man. I can recall a bunch of unhappy fans
when this figure was revealed. It makes the line seem real childish like,
but hey, this line is for kids. Right off the bat I notice no POWER sword!
Instead we have a spinning machete, better for the weeds of a jungle I guess.
Well, this figure stands for shit, if you donít strap his bow on his back,
he wonít stand at all. I do like how the 2 knives he comes with fit on his
chest harness and a lot of the detail like the boot knife is good.
A 6 on the Jerico Scale.
If Skeletor runs off in the Jungle, He-Man will give chase wearing this stuff.
Sly Stallone would be proud!

JA He-Man's first draw back is his stance. He stands funny with his legs far
apart. In turn he is hard to stand/pose.

JA He-man from the Back

The Jungle must make him mad...
because he seems to be yelling. His waist is spring loaded for the classic
power punch feature. Also a button on his back makes his arm move up and down.

Weapons of choice
No Power Sword, just some spinning blade that is still cool. The missles/arrows
are not spring loaded, they just slide in the bow. And he has 2 daggers that
will be the first things to end up lost.

He keeps his daggers here
If you leave them in the harness they should not get lost. They fit real snug.

Loops on the back of the armor
His armor/harness has two loops on the back. My guess is to store his weapons,
here is my attempt.

Some nice little details He has a knife in his boot that is not removable. His belt is a bit diff. and no
cod piece, instead it is on the back of his armor with the old school cross on it.
Also notice the head band, a throw back to the 80's? Still, Jane Fonda (trader biaaatch)
would love it.