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Fire Armor Skeletor

Jerico's Thoughts...

No question, the best version of Skeletor to date. Here he is in his flamed
glory. His shoulder pads are a nice touch and his new swords fit him well. His
Havoc Staff is upgrade and now is spring loaded. No real action feature on this
figure but the level of coolness makes up for it.
A 10 on the Jerico Scale.

Here he stands, just the the other Skeletors, he stands easy.

His back...

His flame swords can be stored on his back much like Martial Arts He-Man.

The face of evil never changes.

Waist Detail...

Leg detail...

His Havoc Staff fueled by fire. When the little button is pressed the flamed ram head
fires off. Spring loaded.

His two new swords. Nice and clear.