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Cartoon Network Description
"Beastman not only looks nasty, but he also has a nasty temper. And a
short attention span. And limited intelligence. Beastman often plays
Skeletor's hit man. However, he usually fails and then becomes the
recipient of Skeletor's massive rage. Beastman has one major talent:
the abilty to control the monsters and creatures of Eternia (except
dragons). He keeps his prize beasts locked away deep within the bowels
of Snake Mountain. Among these are Ecto-Eels, Eternian Griffins,
Shadowbeasts and legions of other vile creatures. In battle, Beastman
wields a vicious Stun Whip, which he also uses to discipline his monsters."

Jerico's Thoughts...

Skeletor’s original lackey, we have here…BEASTMAN! I really like this
character, his powers and looks are undeniably great. This figure is a
perfect match for Beastman’s character. It is one of if not the largest
figures of the line. His action feature, button on back, brings both
arms crashing down while cracking his whip. His armor, which is more like
some cloth hanging from his neck is just that, something draped over his
chest, the effect is cool. From the finger nails to the hairy body, a
great sculpt!
A 10 on the Jerico Scale.

Full Frontel
Stands Well

The Back Hair

Check out that grill.

His undies

His weapon, the whip. I don't see this whimpy stand of sausage links
lasting long. I am sure kids will break it quick.

Foot Action

Arm Pads, just like back in the day.