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Battle Ram

Jerico's Thoughts...

The Battle Ram is a classic name, but a vehicle with a total new look.
This time Skeletor drives the Ram tough truck. The chariot look works
great for Skeletor, gives him that emperor feel. The action feature is
actually a ramming type feature. I think the ram heads could be another
color but hey, what can you do…
A 8 on the Jerico Scale.
A Wave 3 Release...
however in Canada the Ram was released with Wave 1,the USA release
was with Wave 3.

The New Battle Ram
3 Wheel motion...the Ram has a 3rd wheel, when it rolls the two Ram heads
move up and down. The Ram required assembly and no stickers to apply came
with it. A lot of rubber and plastic on this toy.

The Front of the Battle Ram

Red Rams

Nice Detail

The Ram comes with a rubber gun that attaches to the side of the Ram.

A back panel slides out to allow a 2nd figure to ride with Skeletor.

Action Feature Button
Under the Ram towards the back, the button when pressed shoots the two Ram
heads forward.

Activated Ram Feature

Skeletor with his Steads.

The Skeletor Figure
Like the He-Man that comes with the Battle Tank, this Skeletor is ODD. His face
is bright yellow with a green stripe across his chin. The armor plastic is
really thin.