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Battle Hawk

Jerico's Thoughts...

The Battle Hawk seems like a rushed vehicle, so many things could
have been better. It just seems so…floppy. The wings on this thing
could use some work, maybe add some tension in the joints. It so
needs stickers.
A 4 on the Jerico Scale.
I hate this thing but it says Masters of the universe so I have to have it.

Head On
Guns in the rear wings and guns on the side.

Some Tail
Pushing the tail feathers together makes the rear wings slide forward while
opening up to show hidden guns.

Banana Seat view
He-Man seems to like the seat.

Angle Style

Did I mention Banana Seat?
Can you say control stickers?

Fire power
Don't stick your fingers in there...BOOM!

To the skies beast!
He-Man atop his trusty bird.