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Battle Cat

Cartoon Network Description
"The fierce green and yellow companion to He-Man, Battle cat is girded
with a saddle and helmet and ready for a fight. this four-footed warrior
plays an important role in the war against Eternia's savage enemies,
especially Panthor, Skeletor's evil pet. Battle Cat can pick up Panthor's
scent across great distances. These two battling creatures despise each
other. When they clash, they fightlike two crazed dragons, leaping and
clawing at each other with thundering roars."

Jerico's Thoughts...

He-Man’s trusty stead, Battle Cat is a welcomed updated character. Two
mounted plastic missile firing guns are on his saddle. He has a “Claw
and Maul” action feature activated by pressing a lever on his saddle.
“Claw and Maul” means his mouth opens and leg raises to attack. The
down falls of this cat is his updated armor. DO NOT REMOVE RUBBER
BANDS FROM PAW/HELMET ARMOR! It will never stay on if you remove them.
Other then that, ride on!
A 7 on the Jerico Scale.

The trusty Stead

Claw and Maul
Action feature in action.

Cross on the saddle
Old School touch.

Thst's one mean looking grill.

The controls
I guess all those buttons are needed to fire the guns? Some stickers
would work wonders here. Push the gray pole down and the action
feature activates.

Fire Power
The color of the gun stocks are so bright they almost glow.

Come Battle Cat!
And here is Battle Cat put to work.