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Bashin' Beetle

Jerico's Thoughts...

Ok, this one is just a crazy vehicle with a touch of the past. What
we have is a bug with a rock tied to a stick. Itís purpose, catch
someone in its front hooks and smash them to death. The vehicle is
large in size, heavy in construction, and sports a nice color scheme.
For one of the first vehicles on the line, it was a good start.
A 7 on the Jerico Scale.

One Big BUG

The back side, a brown lever in the middle of the back bumper makes the front
pinchers close and open when the vehicle is sitting still.

The Beetle Wings in the back both raise to display the motor behind this bug.

Iwonder how many horese are under that hood?

Bird's Eye View

The front.

The wheel in the middle of the head turns and when it does the front pinchers open
and close and it moves along the ground.

Now the brown lever on this side makes the bashin' ball come crashing down.
This is the only way the bashin' ball can be activated.

close up of the rear lever

This is where the drivers sits...I mean STAND.

Man-at-Arms taking the controls.BR>

The handle that Double A is holding moves when the lever that activates the bashin'
is used.

How it works...


Let's ROLL!