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Links and Acknowledgements

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I would like to thank me, Jerico the warrior for reading “Teach Yourself HTML in 24 hours”
and it only taking 1 hour. Also the following web sites below get my thanks for keeping my
attention while surfing the web. I am sure I grabbed a pic or two from some of the web
sites, thanks!;) Remember, when your on a message board and you see the name
“Jerico the warrior”, it’s me!

One of the first MOTU sites on the net, it has no evolved into the #1
He-Fan site on the Net. Come for a great message board with a
fantastic community of He-Fans. An outstanding collection of MOTU
knowledge both past and present, ran by Val Staples.

The official web site of the MV Creations staff, learn all about the new
MOTU comic. See what projects they have in the works and whatever else
they post on their web site.

Here you can buy MOTU related products featuring the artwork of the
MOTU comic artists themselves. Posters, T-Shirts, Wall Scrolls, and
even Stand Ups! But remember to check your local comic retailer first
for these great items.

Home to the sculptors of the New MOTU toy line. They have a message
board and will actually reply to your questions. They also have
gallery of their work, see what their combined powers can accomplish!

Want to add you site to this list? Email me and lets get at it!

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